wait four. right.

wait four. right. when you lose everything. reduction naturally claims large parts of what life is supposed to be. you see. i ran before anyone could grip what i was trying to escape. and i was never. too fast. please, world. view me as broken. categorize. my defeat like every average disposal to shove in a dark space with a lid. and forget. swooning to a six foot step above what i could have been amongst perfection. to know how loss consumes,...

how to dead. desire.

how to dead. desire. He talks about addiction; With years falling off my life, I tell him. Things I do alone... We exchange. Trading reasons Why and how; I became... So good at getting. What I want is When your eyes first open; Dreamscape anthems singing from your breath. I'm better than not Caring, more than you believe. I remain within, a red purple flame Disintegrating reason. To stop.

forever. too. you.

forever. too. you. this is ours. and he touches a beat in- side that mentions hazel brown; out. line. like i would never mention whispers un- contained. break. re- leased from what... we... will not tell amongst average; i fold in his sideways watch. backwards hope. this. is. yours, always.

quite’s obvious. cuts.

quite’s obvious. cuts. i have this way of waiting. for truth in a tangle of accommodation, i count days until honesty. return to my sad hollow core knowing no- thing attempting to attach. sticking on top of a ripped scab pulsing secret years. time untold unravelling skin. bones break to this. understanding i can agree to anything. i can accept, just... because. his blue eyes are too far away. i allow emotion spilling down my face. awaiting....

eye. seeing.

eye. seeing. See. There is. Eye. Seeing. Of. Teeth-prints. In hands. Like hands On my throat And this Grip of all Reason. To last Amongst seasons. Assume. Second. Shape Another. To take Like a wrist bound Story. Burnt ... at the stake.
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