outgrown garments

outgrown garments unzipping. lips' movement, in waves. pattering words over. pours an ice cube breeze. finding gusts to remove fingerprints. bedtime story spells another awakening. un-mention of sky touching. flat foot stability in silent buttons.

the way he celebrates

Today is my husband's birthday. the way he celebrates (happy birthday timothy) He became Alive On a hot day In July. Cancer. Water. Summer. Baby. One room cottage. New York. Lake. For your birthday, Has anyone told you When you weigh me In sight, life erupts. Ageless wonder. Like, love... like Forever. We stitch broken Pledges. Touching To celebrate. Your Arrival. Bless Another year. Bless another.

fate forces

fate forces salt painted pact etching grooves. in a grin to convince of how i am better. there are quiet memories of sand blown happiness. it is wished to me... with unprepared preferences. exceeding an average where accepted can find a way to become something worth coming; for infinity wraps worth in gold ribbon. reassurance drips in honest tones saturating dehydrated dreaming. we are together in an unpredicted permanence.

how to lose breath

how to lose breath gasoline dreams. burning desert roads folding flame stripped sky. tapping my collarbone to fireworks flooring whether i inhale or scream. oxygenize. overthrow. with a neck snap: whiplash. epiphanic. when he first appeared. heart drop stop. highway soaring. when you fly. do you look towards cracked knuckles. head down agreement. retracted shoulders. open lung fall.
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