poetry volume three

Poetry Volume Three began taking shape this weekend. Words, words everywhere words. Such as these: tang of forlorn the day. i quit; it’s like stopping some------thing. what attaches itself to me. and i cannot release or let go. walk away toward useless times when i conjure movement appearing. it sets in. penetrates. saturates. a thirst for sweeter within this bitter sour taste.  

composition of a lover

composition of a lover beethoven. piano concerto 5. evaporated words no longer heard in fortissimo. enfolded in his gradual dynamic. creeping to crescendo. sforzando piano. circling wrists lengthen tones of each note. turn me taciturn. language lacking in a perdendo expression. my body bends and accents to the endless song. uninterrupted. composition | noun 1 the nature of something's ingredients or constituents; the way in which a whole or...

blossoming patches bloom

I was inspired this morning by two things (so far) First there were the beautiful comments from Ms Debbie, (one of my Australian sisters who I had the pleasure of spending some of my better Sundays in Melbourne with writing, cackling and clanking cider glasses). She mentioned the violent and bleak moods that owned me for a few months, and the writing that matched it. Then she said how lovely it is to see me in love... and referred to writing...

magnitude of moral (standing)

magnitude of moral (standing) i keep. a turned up head. star-filled ideas never return from celestial travels. while toes tapping pavement. pouring stuck paths to senseless staying. riding a breeze above building tops stepping on expired stock. split. postulate past pushing pictures in our vision. mind’s extension waxed.

sensing summer

sensing summer I noticed this way... my fingers curled when we kissed. That time behind his house in the neighborhood where we grew up, in front of a spray-painted power-pole on the trails he used to drive around years back. He kissed me and my hand shaped an open-palm fingertip grip. Knuckles whitening with anxiety and possession, both kinds. Praise and grace. The sun was shining for the first time that summer. He and I recently survived back...
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