texture takes place

texture takes place why bother. too. be interested in a level of lower vibrational pleasure. like taste, like flavor, like familiarity. what i prefer not to recognize. pride in- side with self. inflicted ignorance controlling poor timed phrasing. “i am sorry but...” “i just do not... feel...” like i could ever balance a compliment. insult declaration to make something stay. which either stabs. depth to knew groundwork within the other...

Ascending Hope

He says... And sadness stops Stirring in my stomach. Slow motion Straightening You see. I spent Life attempting To meet cause; when Be... For... A tattooed reason. Tree shaped love, Growing in my bones. High of actual height, Stepping up desire. Cloud break, coming Into honest. We Vowed forever At first sight. Swelling syllables ... spoken. Returned.

Missing a Week

How can I find the divine line The lessened load how much I want Want is but a mortal way of saying I'm unsatisfied I am nothing but a beast but I have more Speak it's the only thing that separates Us from the animals Yet it is our demise. - T.D.S

felt thoughts . where . yes

Namaste blog tribe Can you believe it's been over two weeks since I've shared anything other than poetry? Me? The daily blog-ette... Something must be up. In the middle of "something" being up. Sleepless nights. A lot of kissing. Love. Novel. Amazing job. New York City. Chaos. Tears. Spring. Bouncing. I received a poem from a brother of mine... "Felt Thoughts" I read your thoughts and think. You are the definition of soul searcher: non stop,...
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