to say : about it

To Say: ____________________About it. Two fresh sprains the day you rested your head in my lap, laying on the brown blanket in the empty park - beneath the Brooklyn bridge. I took my shoes off, red toes matched red sunglasses and your red lips when we paused from kissing and I thought about how different it is kissing when you are in love... with the flavor of your strawberry smoothie on my tongue. I thought about roses on our windowsill and...

double engender

double engender i fall. frequent exposure. to every effect. painting patterns you cannot trace. form. reform. i am supposing. that should summon some unseen saviors. circle. i shut off again. far away returning. i almost scratched another open wound praying for visible scars. reciting roots to express the source - another promise. spit versions to accommodate what you say is the last time. i swear to repeat.

keeping. on.

keeping. on. ... three days later we continued to tie each other in acoustic ribbons allowing my gaze, accepting dreams. as real: as the slowly rising silence sunrise brings starts to ascend - again. we wrote another chapter.  

docking destined

docking destined I find (fragility) Feeling. Urgency. As if What just anyone says... I re-learned. Pronunciation Painting existence refreshed Luminance. How he moves Patterns of light Reconnect me. With Divinity's directory (forever) Across wings. Lifting - Sailboat departure.
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