conclude commission

conclude commission when you cut like you knew this would never work. and i told anyone who would listen to what i had. to say it mattered is like when i woke up when i was asleep i thought of him and none of it was ever close to how i could have been. something finished. as if we ever started.

tricking turnabout

tricking turnabout i have a terrible habit of shutting off communication. i ran thr(ew)(ough); a spiral of mixing. shaking up. how i find (k)new w- aze. i. mean these things i cannot spell. out. as in someone. finally pulled at me. my hair; how i stay reconnected. tricking. turnabout.

rekindle rapport

rekindle rapport when we met we extended. i taught and we learned while he swore. that. this only happens once. i chewed my nails and i bit too short. i curled into 4am silence. and he was the one p/eace/iece be(cause) the way i shake. he k(new) that. when i stretched into the sun it was like i could never reach far. enough. the style i chose to stop; inside. there is so much loud noise every time i hold my breath. when i exhale he always...

aspiring amore

aspiring amore I was. Thinking in poetry again. Green-blue constellation eyes. Staring. Back. I inhaled now and stopped wishing for when. I straightened my spine and felt my bones crack. A bounce in my step and new aura glow; Like there’s no longer a possible stop. And never invention of the word no. The expansion of my heart. Stomach drop. What I didn’t say came out through my pores. Sunlight showers washing my grey sky days. Opening...

magnetic incitement

magnetic incitement I became a magnet on 2nd Ave; I turned to attraction, drawn to his core. Becoming who you are, not what you have. Exceeding physical with pull and lure. I awoke the next day, drawn to the sky. My thoughts, soul and heart - a new direction. Grounded at last, a reborn style of flight. Perpetually stuck to this reflection. We fit like spirit with facts of science. Every thought magnetic, every heartbeat. Becoming vital with no...
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