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We left while the raven sky remained deep with concluding dreams across the city. Stirring slumbers fought eyes reminding spirits to open to another day, while desires kept them comforted in the celestial oath of how things could be. Continue reading

relative integrative

We moved so fluid within foggy copper pools of street lamps, it was like we were part of the glow. Continue reading

a tale of tarot

The serialized story posted in its entirety…

a tale of tarot (serialized piece constructed around the major arcana)

I want you to know everything. From the beginning. I want to tell you how I dangled my toes over a cliff; once off a cracked building ledge; twice on the edge of a half tipped chair. Continue reading

judgement. 21 of 22.


Free will is the most powerful tool we are born with. Everyone has it. Most people are just too afraid to use it.

Most people don’t know what to do with it.

You watched me across the room for two hours before approaching. There was a sadness in your eyes about having to make this choice again. The same choice we face every time.

This time I wanted it to be different. So did you.

By the time you walked away from your group of companions gin controlled their attention much more than your presence. As you walked toward me, you thought about all the times I’ve waited for you.

You trust me. Even though we’ve killed one another time and time again. Last time you pulled the trigger for both of us. The time before I provided the poison. Continue reading

the sun. 20 of 22.

the sun

You and I have always shared secrets. The kind that set you free.

We exchange lifetimes of knowing. We alternate. You’re born awake. Me. Then you. I have chosen to make this time an exception.

I am telling you everything.

I like to think that you’ve considered this in the past, that you’ve wanted to save me.

I wouldn’t be telling you all of this if I didn’t know without a shadow of a doubt that it is the only way we will ever be free.

I know you well enough to understand the deception you will mistakenly suffer. Our child is waiting. Until we extend beyond this, she will never have a chance.

You must believe me. Continue reading

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