cheers to 700 STRAIGHT. checkcheck.

Here’s me raising my glass to the cult and toasting today’s 700th CONSECUTIVE POST!

I realize I make it look effortless… blogging every day ain’t as easy as it seems. Neither is having fresh photos, trying to organize content, figuring out how to actually tell the world about our land here, and writing books in between.

Good think I’m a magickal fairy princess… my wand has gotten a lot of use over the past 700 days.

While I will spend today celebrating, it would not be true Gretchen Cello form if there wasn’t some sort of nervous breakdown slightly bubbling. I received an email yesterday from our friendly job crew in New York City that sounded something like…

“Can’t wait for you to start in September. PS. Kindly fill out this intensely elaborate, moderately invasive background check which involves providing an external agency with many forms and contact details of people you haven’t spoken to since your teenage years. Looking forward to seeing you soon!”

Because I’m too busy daydreaming about love, scribbling stories in books, and chatting with all of you – I don’t put much thought into the few hours a day I spend doing job-like things. Furthermore, it really never occurs to me how crazy Earth has become that for someone to employ you – you essentially need to pledge loyalty in Swahili while standing on your head and juggling fire with your feet.

So today I’m going to practice that. Can’t be that hard, I don’t reckon. No harder than updating my world wide web abode for the better side of 1000 posts.

New York City! HERE WE COME!

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