city to sticks. back around.

Namaste loyal readers & cult affiliates

I’ve been in the sticks¬†for a lush three days. I’m staying indefinitely through mid-Septemberish. I’m certain a city sway will occur sporadically, New York City is irresistible on any day – summer is entirely something else.

A friend of mine smiled at me a couple of weeks ago and said, “I’m glad you’re from the country.”

Considering my current address and history with the town I love, it’s not usually straight evident that I grew up with bare feet climbing trees on a dead-end street.

There’s no where on earth that I sleep better than in this house. We moved here following a strange 48-month period in Illinois. I don’t really remember Illinois, but in jest with the rest of my six household members I’m often to drop a, “Well… at least I’m not from Jersey.”

I say this with a heart of gold and cheshire grin. Being the youngest has all sorts of perks, I’ve grown to realize.

The reason I haven’t really hit bl-agh as hard as I predicted a few weeks ago is because in between paying for my apartment; banging out book; and entertaining the two creatures… I’ve been indulging in aimless wanders, cloud watching, grass rolling and breathe work.

Amongst self-discipline, visualization and a bit of thought control.

I’ve been living alone for so long now, it’s fascinating to witness what has changed through experience and what’s stayed ingrained from my first memories.

I’m not really one for psychology or shrinky type stuff – though I’ve truly benefited from a handful of hours with such a mob in my most desperate moments. In general, I’m all about self-reflection. I believe a strong grip of this is the key to the understanding we all live as one Self.

My early spiritual beliefs had me thinking I was part of a small crowd, those led me to the true picture of being a piece of everything.

Coming to my earthly roots recenters me. I take things less seriously, I stretch more – I get a lot more sunlight and can even see the stars.

Enjoy the full moon tonight lovers. It’s a pleasure being part of the collective. City or sticks, regardless.

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