closed eye moments…

I value closed eye moments. Usually when I close my eyes and breathe properly, life takes on the best flavors and shapes.

Over the past few days I’ve been closing my eyes quite a bit. It helps me center and focus on whatever tasks are required to finish the day.

Do you ever feel like that? Like a day is just a set of requirements…

I’m counting days until New York City. I’m broke, as I always am when it comes to times of travel… ok I’m basically broke at all times… I’m anxious and nervous about swapping lives for a few weeks. I know that what I’m doing in Australia at the moment is somewhat productive and practical-like.

I know that every time I return to the States leaving is double as hard as the time prior.

Over the past eight years, I’ve done the trip a lot. More times than I could even count. I’ve done the trip so much, in fact, that the money I’ve stuffed in the greedy mouths of various airlines amounts to more than what most people put down as a house payment.


I’m not stressing about that though. I’m trying not to stress about anything… really. I’m simply keeping my eyes closed as much as I can.

I’ll open them properly when I arrive smack in the center of an NYC summer.

(37 sleeps…)

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