cupcakes, drag queens, and pint size gin and tonics

Before I get into a summary of weekend events it needs to be said that100_1182 no one parties like my gay family gets down… throw some drag queens in the mix and it just gets that much more hectic. Take my Saturday night as an example, I was lucky to attend my girl Essence’s birthday bash. Essence had two other performers in tow, like the one there on the right…

Two further things to note about the photo to support my claim…

1. The cracked mirror. Act one broke that shit when she tossed a chair into it during a dramatic Janet rendition. Of course this wasn’t deliberate, but she couldn’t help it – being gay and in drag increased her partying capacity by about twenty million notches. Subconsciously, I reckon that mirror was smashed far before she even stepped on stage.

100_11592. Pint size Bombay Sapphire and tonics. Only at the gay bar are you going to score pint glasses of gin and tonic for five bucks, poured essentially half and half.

My personal belief tends to be that everyone is essentially ‘bi-sexual’. This is on the ground that when your spirit moves on, whatever sexual organ you’re packing that life ain’t comin with you. I’m not sure what exactly it is that makes one particular mob the best party’ers out there in scope of this theory… but I am certainly aware of the supporting evidence.

Earlier in the weekend I caught up with my new friend from It’s one of those instances where fate aligned and I met another beautiful person out there making it happen. Do make sure you check them out to see what’s hot in New York City… 100_1172

On my way out of town I picked up a box of rainbow colored Halloween cupcakes with scary sugar faces and disco-looking accompaniments to bring my friends. The sugar rush literally almost killed me and was totally necessary if I have any intention of surviving Halloween this week. Not only will it be my first Halloween in six years, as most of us are aware… it’s on a SATURDAY! This means parties Friday AND Saturday night. Had I not opted for a drastic sugar choice one week prior… I may have gone into shock at some point during the upcoming 48 hour celebration of all things scary and sweet… At least now I feel prepared!

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  1. Thanks for the Terregalia shoutout 🙂 I’ll get those pics to you soon. Wish I could have been witness to the Saturday evening debauchery – as it was, our sake with lunch was the precursor to me having at least 10 more drinks through the night and no hangover… imagine that! Looking forward to future shenanigans.

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