deadlier than though. weekend whirlwind.

Exciting news! Short, fast, and deadly has put out a PRINT EDITION 2010 anthology featuring the top 110 of 2010 and included me in the collection!!


My copy is ordered… there will be photos when it arrives, and probably some sort of video blog where I shout out all of the amazing Writers featured in the book and blow kisses to the mag’s Editor Joseph Quintela whose work you must be following by now… if not do so HERE… promptly!

It’s a long weekend in Melbourne land. It also happened to be one of my best mate’s birthdays Saturday night. There was frolicking, there was hip hop, there was a detox intermission involving red label whiskey and an assortment of shots, and most importantly, there was love all around.

I’m enjoying the time I’m having in this deep breath, in between worlds moment. Tomorrow I  hand in my contract at work and agree to sit still for at least five minutes in return for far more dosh than the US economy will presently dish; I’m off to look at two properties this week – houses with pretty exposed brick walls and shiny floorboards; there are two sleepy puppies in my lap  and a blue sunny sky out the window.

I’m kicking around 40 000 memoir words. I’m counting down days until my next New York City stint. Things are coming together in tight click-like ways.

Back to the book…

2 thoughts on “deadlier than though. weekend whirlwind.

  1. Babe! There is nothing in the world more exciting than sliding a spine onto your bookshelf that holds your own name in black breathtaking ink…congratulations!! If you need company in your new house when you do just that, say the word…I will watch with the BIGGEST grin across my proud little face x x x

    1. MEOW!! thank you amazing woman!! there is no one else i would rather have in my home flipping inky pages and giggling at the letters of my name etched into an otherwise naked page. my copy is in the mail and my new house awaits!! in fact… i am off to view a crib tomorrow in close proximity of your hood… fingers crossed!! x o x o

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