departing from eyes (no longer recognised)

You know those tracks that you put on repeat for days at a time? I came across a new favorite recently. It comes from the incredibly talented Joseph Quintela. The name of the track that I can’t seem to take off repeat is The longest distance

Amongst the packing, leaving, meditating, up and downing I’ve been carrying out to these sounds and words over the weekend… I’ve written a lot of pieces that define my current state.

They’re the ones that count…

Ones like this one:

departing from eyes (no longer recognised)

Distracted past; four years without mirrors.
Somehow. I stopped seeking my reflection.
Activated by the sound of clearer.
Divine intervention. Announce begun.
Misdirected worth has shattered. My glass.
Melted and fired into its honest form.
Abuse is like a season, bound to pass.
Aspersion of my expression. Your storm.
Acceptance. It was never my issue.
Locked away in a room without windows.
Claiming identity becomes adieu.
Taking five minutes to soften the blow.
Wishing you well is sincere, every way.
Reacting to ways of defining stay.

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