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Dear blog family

On my way into town for part 2 of the Zombie Shoot. I’m actually looking forward to the train ride tremendously after receiving a new writing book a few days back that I just can’t seem to put down.

I upgraded my web-hosting plan to include a few more domains, not that I have any clue what I’m doing… however one of the things I’ve learned during these first close-to-ten months of exposing pieces of me to the world via web dancing is that I should really figure out a way to present the different sides of my work in ways to contain each… perhaps a place for poetry… a place for rants… a land for collaborations…

Put shortly, I still have no clue what’s happening… still grateful for the insanity, we could all use a little more in our lives to keep it interesting.

Oh and for the record… FollowMeToNYC shall stay and reign supreme as the major rant-tracker for how I’m going to swing my way into a Writing career in New York City, regardless of how long this will take or how many foreign countries I reside in prior…

On that note… I’m off to play with CJ… watch out Manhattan…

4 thoughts on “domains, dancing, bit of running. zombies.

  1. So you going to make a centralized domain with links to different domains(poems, etc.)

    1. That’s the idea… what do you reckon? I figure this will remain my ‘main’ site for the cult… and from here I can add links to other happenings. However, other happenings won’t necessarily link back to here. Ummm… does that even make sense? :-D!!

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