Some of our dedicated cult members might recall my chatter about detoxing back in January, today marks day one of  my latest visit to un-funville. I need to focus…

As a go hard or go home kind of girl, I tend to be in or out when it comes to raging. That said, I understand more than I’d like to about the benefits of cleaning out this physical shell of mine.

I’ve essentially been hitting whatever I can as hard as I can for the past month in a feeble attempt to not be depressed about leaving New York City (again) and not having anything finished (yet).

However, with the full moon approaching and that little voice inside saying ‘gretchen, get your shit together…’ I realize it’s time for something drastic.

Furthermore, I have to move to Melbourne asap. In order for this to happen quickly and smoothly all my energy needs to go toward it. And in order for THAT to happen the whole wine guzzling chain smoking thing has to take the back burner briefly…

… briefly.

Apparently the book I ordered to begin my PhD literature review with is going to take ‘up to six weeks’ to arrive. Usually news like this results in a topped up Shiraz and dramatic monologue that sounds something like ‘Are you fucking kidding me? Don’t people read down here? What are they writing the book out by hand for me?! FUUUCK!!!’

Instead I’m sucking it up with a peppermint tea, deep breath, and an ‘I’m sure it will arrive soon darling…’

This is going to be interesting…

4 thoughts on “dun-dun-dun-DETOX

  1. Oh I feel so much better knowing I’m not alone !!!! I usually go through phases of brown rice and pineapples ! I get a chance to read a lot, sitting on the porcelain throne !

    1. HAHAHAHAAA!! Day one was actually effortless… I’m fairly certain it’s usually not too bad, although it’s been awhile since I actually bothered trying 😉

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