eve of flourish…

eve of flourish

we were near water. it was
warmer than
it is supposed to be.

strangers before
and behind. rushing around
he and i. we mixed.


is a very small space;
the same system
competing to survive.

what both of us
knew. surrounds like
blowing cattails.

riding the sky in search of a place.

re-root before the next season.

swishing. amongst.

3 thoughts on “eve of flourish…

  1. and a wonderful flourish it is…always enjoy your work…and by the way thank you for your continued support…right now i’m averaging about 6-7 readers…and you and lianne are the only ones to have commented on anything…LOL…i must besuckiing lately…

    1. hahahaa!! my dear friend, as a maniac with over six hundred straight posts i can tell you – tribal members are commonly hushed. i’m not quite sure why… i had a bit of a breakdown around post two hundred and believe that day’s entry was something like, “COME ON PEOPLE! I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE!” lol. your writing is amazing, readers will be finding you in no time 🙂 x x

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