face kicks keep the cheeks rosy…

So on the downside I got told today, “Hey you know the job you’ve been doing for three months? We just gave it to someone else who isn’t as qualified as you, but they’re old, so you know how it goes… How about you take this other job that pays less and will probably make you bored? We like you. We want you to stay.”

Jobs always like me. I’m very personable.

Needless to say I dealt with it all very maturely. I locked myself in the bathroom and sobbed for a brief period then ran downstairs and called all my girls who said a variety of things like, “Maybe you should take less money for a minute?” “Make sure you go back up there with your spine straight.” And my personal favorite, “Fuck those c*nts.”

It’s amazing what a good face kick does for your complexion. Eat your heart out Revlon.

I’ve got just about enough money for a one-way ticket back to New York City. I tried being grown-up and got told I’m not old enough to do so.

So downside dusted, let’s look at the upside.


Springtime in Manhattan’s seeming lovelier by the second… summer in Queens?

“i know it get tough. but i will survive. the road is rough. but i got four wheel drive.”

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