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Heart palpitations all around blog tribe. I’m moving in 72-hours-ish to a wonderland around the base of 60a6bd558f845e70c2d5f14f182c157eKaaterskill Falls.

Beyond the joy of relocating to a secret, farm get-away nestled sweetly north of New York City – I feel more spiritually aligned than I have since returning to the states back in September 2011. While I run regular tangents about pulling things out of air and what not… there’s much more to it.

Focussed manifestation.

Watching the world unravel around me the past few weeks has been somewhat similar to seeing New York City blossom before my eyes a couple years back when it was all I focused on.

Lately, my thoughts have taken new shapes and patterns. Time to move…

my new house.
my new house.

I’m moving to a place historically renowned as a sanctuary for Writers. It’s somewhere humans escape to create memories of love and heal their tired city hearts.

I’m uncertain of my next inter-web project. I have adored FollowMeToNYC through terrible and divine, I kind of feel like a refresher. There are things in these pages that I don’t want to take with me when I move.

So, like the daily routine of my life has returned to lately… we’ll see. I’ll be writing about what I saw, felt and lived here for the rest of this life and likely lives after. Like Australia, Manhattan has a permanent residence in my heart’s topography.

Next stop, The Catskills.

I’m so bloody excited, life truly feels most surreal.

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  1. OMG Gretchen, I’m so excited for you, how I long to escape to the country. I’m not sure I’m done with the city yet, but I know country living is in my cards. Tell me more about what you’ll be doing? Love to you xx

    1. Love to you gorgeous one! I’m going to be taking care of animals galore and helping to tell the world about the magical wonderland where I’ll be residing. And I must finish that novel at my fingertips… you know how that goes. x

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