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Can you believe it’s been over two weeks since I’ve shared anything other than poetry? Me? The daily blog-ette…

Something must be up.

In the middle of “something” being up. Sleepless nights. A lot of kissing. Love. Novel. Amazing job. New York City. Chaos. Tears. Spring. Bouncing.

I received a poem from a brother of mine…

“Felt Thoughts”

I read your thoughts and think.
You are the definition of soul searcher:
non stop, to the top, uncompromising of beliefs in one self.
I called you a sensual thinker cause “you” arise the thoughts of a
passionate speaker.
Lift as you may, arousal.
The speck of injustice of writers-not willing-to sell out —
for one feel you.
I read a journey of a young lady, turning womenhood with all fascination;
grown in a self experience of the day.
I salute your dedication to the writers.
I respect your search for your truth.
I value our friendship, as a meant connection.

“May we make history”

Many cult affiliates have likely read collaborations between Rick and I. What will one day be referred to as our “early work”.

He reached me today as my tired head shook side to side at work that I love but takes full advantage of me… I worked 16 hours a day three days in a row this week.

Dear Rick

I love you. Thank you for being “you” and reminding me who “we” are.

To the Writers…

Always yours

gretchen cello.

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  1. Hello! I am wonderful and missing you. I’ve been thinking of you HEAPS recently, come to New York City please :-D!! I love you & can’t wait to read your next book!

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