footprints on my face…

When you started coming around less. Undressing me. Less. I noticed.
This trail you left behind. Footprints on my face. Patterns. Down.
I became. Someone else. And you. Told. Revealed. Exposed. Began. Too.
I just need some time… I never intended… And it is not… About…
Your head in the clouds. Evaporates. Storms. Lightning. Strikes. I stood.
Calendar challenge. Offering months. Life on offer. Backwards cartwheels.
What does it. Take. Cut this. Rope. Around my neck. Pull. Tighter.
With wings prepared. Goodbye is born. Voiceless preparation. Sore.
Sliding. Past. Escaping. Cell. A map to hide. You will never. Reconstruct.
A veil over my eyes. Impression on my lips. A razor to my neck.

Footprints on my face.

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