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Happy Friday all! I think I fell in love again this week. Since being out of a ten year marriage over five years now, I realize I fall in love a lot.

I had a conversation with Rijn about this during her visit, we agreed it’s the Poet in me. Poets are always falling in love, when else can you really write poetry?

I don’t think it’s hard to fall in love, it’s maintaining it that’s the trick. To do that, it has to be a perfectly balanced relationship. I’ve never had that. However, there’s a new love who fell from the sky three days ago who seems unique and wonderful and makes me feel peaceful and erratic at the same time.

IMG_1793I’m in love with a 6’3″ Italian man in Brooklyn who is exactly my age and makes me smile so wide I feel like my cheeks are touching my ears.

I’ve got my eye on this one.

In other news, book is popping along; work is wonderful; and I fucking love New York City. While my time to return to Australia dangles in front of me, not a moment passes that I don’t love being here and appreciate how hard I worked to do this on my own.

Never let anyone tell you “can’t”.

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