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While I was trekking back to town from Australia, I tended to mention what New York City tastes like or smells like or sounds like. IMG_4283

This morning, New York City looked like a sealed envelope labeled “For you”, hanging from a tree branch in Central Park. Inside of the envelope? A poem by Fernardo Pessoa.

IMG_4297I was with my lover when he initially spotted an orange envelope addressing anyone / everyone / all of us. Before we had enough time to talk about how wonderful it is to live in a city where people hang poetry from trees… I spotted a second envelope, in yellow.

I think I am going to write my poetry on pretty pieces of paper and hang it from trees. What an amazing notion! I’ve been thinking a lot (again) lately about spilling my lyrics across canvas. But dangling it in sealed envelopes addressed to the entirety has certainly peaked my senses. Furthermore, I am inspired to write new poetry. Words that touch and move us to remember goodness. I mean, knowingly – I write a fair amount of face-punching verses.

How I long to move this world with a few softer letters…

God how I love thee New York City.

All of this said, I will be escaping to the country this evening with two puppies and my bestie in tow. I’ll contemplate hanging syllables from branches and work on the novel. I even printed novel chapters out so I can read it and touch them at the same time…



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  1. Oh that is such a wonderful idea, how special to find a note hanging from a tree…I might have to try that here in Melbourne 🙂 I hope you have a great time in the country XXX

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