fun voting fact and left over pumpkin seeds

100_1308I vote… you should too. In Australia, voting is compulsory… which is hands down one of my favorite topics when it comes to bragging rights of Australian citizenship.
I love being part of a society where they force you to vote. You can skip out but if you get caught you cop a fine or (in rare instances) chucked in the clanger for a few days to learn you a lesson.

Bet your ass I vote absentee from my land across seas and had no problem rocking up to the election held yesterday. Which got me thinking… we don’t get any bloody stickers when we vote down under… what the hell? You’d think for forcing people to vote, least they can do is toss in a sticker.

Over here everyone is so caught up in feel good PC bullshit that handing out stickers is the back pat tossed in for the small percentage of un-lazy humans in this country that will actually get off their ass to tick some boxes. I rocked that sticker yesterday like it was my job…

What really gets me in the States is the political fundraising. Like some dinner with Obama about a week back that ‘anyone could attend’ … if you can afford the $10 000 a plate ‘donation’ of course. Obama, mate, I don’t even got ‘change’ for a five… sounds to me like you’re playing the same games as the rest.

See, I understand the whole ‘why should I vote, they’re all dickheads’ thing. However, these often lying, tend-to-be-fat tools laugh all the way to the bank on our dollars. I don’t think anyone is allowed to complain about how countries are run unless they vote, and since I like complaining about that sometimes… voting is a must.IMG_0121

I’m still hiding in the forest at the moment… writing my ass off… visiting other wood nymphs with offerings of home-roasted, salty pumpkin seeds in bowls decorated with witches and ghosts… contemplating what office to run for.  IMG_0122

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