gimmie three words !!

This morning I popped in to visit our FaceBook family and called out for three words from anyone who wanted to play. I collected words for ten minutes then put them in a story… SO MUCH FUN!!

Thank you, love, and kisses to everyone that played with me! The story you brought to life is a follow up to Lola in October which seems to be turning into a novella, lol.

Without further delay…

Part 2

Dillon watched the entire brouhaha from across the playground. He saw Lola shake something at Sally Thompson and Amanda Axis. He watched Amanda hit the ground.

Dillon sits three rows behind Lola. He notices that Lola doesn’t seem happy like the other kids in their grade six class. Dillon just moved to town last month. He only has one friend and doesn’t talk very much. Usually during recess he sits in the sandbox with the littler kids. Last week he helped Mason Tanner bury his triceratops.

For the past three days, he’s been watching Lola.

He started watching her during computer class. Dillon has only found four others so far. Sometimes that makes it hard for him. But since he always has one good friend wherever he goes, he manages to see the light of things; regardless of how morbid his mother mistakes him to be.

One evening Dillon couldn’t sleep. He watched shadows of dusk make octopus shapes on the white walls of his small room. He placed a portrait of his great, great Grandfather Benjamin Reeler, a freemason and one of the first US settlers, at the foot of his bed. The picture is priceless.

‘Sweetie, why is this here?’ asked the intrigued parent to her then six year old son.

At first Dillon didn’t speak. He turned his gaze toward what was left of the New Hampshire sunset and pulled his covers close to beneath his chin.

‘He asked me,’ said Dillon. He didn’t want to say much more. The only other time he tried to tell his mother anything was shortly after his fifth birthday. She brought him to a child psychiatrist who tried to give him a pill with no awareness of the insult he had just slapped the small person standing before him with.

Dillon is a lot like Lola. He’s in grade six, like Lola. He now lives in the same town as Lola. And very much like Lola he says very, very little.

Dylan is eating a banana when Lola attempts to walk passed. She notices him for the first time. It’s rare that she ever looks up.

October is an exceptional month for Lola.

(*words collected: morbid, sleep, computer, insult, pill, brouhaha, sunset, octopus, freemason, banana, triceratops, Dillon, light, hard, and happy)

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