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IMG_1467Happy Thanksgiving to all of our U.S. cult affiliates. I hopped on an airplane a few days ago, and now I’m in Colorado!

This year I am giving thanks for lots of things. I am thankful for being in Colorado with my best friend who I’ve known for 30 years. I am immensely thankful that it is not this time last year, because last year around now was extraordinarily sucky.

Naturally, I am most thankful for Peanut and Fronkles.

Other thanĀ dipping to Arizona a few years back, I haven’t spent much time out west. At the moment, I’m snugly tucked in a log cabin at about 8,500 feet. The experience is both beautiful and educational. I learned what “altitude sickness” means.

While it is wonderful cruising around through park after park, I can’t help but be reminded of why I love New York City so. Driving twenty minutes to a grocery store is ordinarily a foreign concept to me. Having to drive anywhere is, in fact. I don’t even have a car.

Well, according to Zipcar I do.

Never the less. Spending Thanksgiving with people I love in a unique environment has hit me with a healthy dose of appreciation for the life I put together after my first husband tore everything apart.

Even though I’ve been back over two years now, I understand feeling “settled” isn’t something I’m ever destined for. But at least I know I can take care of myself. And for that, blog family, I am truly, truly thankful.

And I am also thankful for you.


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  1. I love you, Gorgeous! Thank you so much for spending Thanksgiving with me and my family. So much FUN!!!!

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