glad that’s over… insert vomit here…

It’s an odd experience speaking to someone who directly influences the rhythm of your fate.

I am destined to get back to New York City for the time, this goes without saying. As I continue to trek this voyage, certain travelers I encounter bear unique significance.

This morning I had a 45 minute conversation with a Manhattan CEO capable of paving a path for the next frame of my life. (I know, right?)

I’m glad it’s over. I feel like I’m going to vomit; like my heart is in a heated vice.

If my understanding is correct, two other people will have similar conversations. A final decision will arrive in a two week proximity.

As my treasured tribe of love, I imagine you are wondering how it went. Well, it was fine. Something I’ve learned through my ten years of experience rolling job dice is that you reach a point where it isn’t about whether or not who you’re up against can perform – it really breaks down to luck. Or fate, if you will.

The reason I’m tripping is obviously because of what’s on the table. There are two possible outcomes:

1. Score job. Bounce back to town. Manage to fund my walk as a Writer. Squeal in delight.

2. Drag my feet back to the drawing board. Throw up. Brush myself off. Probably cry. Reposition.

I’m going to go edit poetry and pretend like I don’t care either way. I don’t reckon I’ll raise this issue again until I can share some sort of relevant call.

So keep your fingers crossed for me blog family…

4 thoughts on “glad that’s over… insert vomit here…

  1. Darling, you already know your future is there and in your own hands. I’m pretty bloody sure you’ll get this job, but if you don’t, it will not hinder you one bit. It just means there’s a better one waiting for you. x

    1. Love. My impatient self and the grey sky winter are simply doing a number on my heart strings. Nothing a bit of ink and a proper night out with my girls won’t repair. Toes will stay crossed in the meantime. x o x

  2. Gretch I feel like a stalker 🙂 I just came back from vacation in France with the family and whilst sorting out the hall lurking bills, I remembered and pondered, did Gretch ever get that job? Having logged on I see the rope ladder is still dangling in the wind brushing against your finger tips! I feel it will allow you to catch it soon Gretch 🙂 Chin up.

    1. the job is MINE!!! :-D!!! come august we’ll be LIVE from new york city EVERY DAY!!! … hopefully from a cozy one bedroom with heaps of natural light somewhere in manhattan. 679 posts later!! HOLY SHIT!!! :-D!!!

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