Namaste, my heart

I’m moving west soon…

In 2003, back before all of this inter-web hype, I visited what’s referred to as “the most isolated city on the planet“. I immediately knew I couldn’t settle anywhere else. I reluctantly left and returned to Australia’s eastern seaboard for education and work opportunities which resulted in me doing my SHIT in midtown Manhattan.

So no hard feelings…

However, being the contradiction that I am, setting up camp in this area — for my second/third space settled when I’m not in New York City or Spain… could not be more perfect.

I’m not going to have to “work”. That’s wild. From my first husband, technically before that (since I was 15 years old and eleven months…), I’ve worked my fucking ass off.

As a Virgo (Sag moon, Sag rising, Scorpio Venus… obviously), I don’t stop “working”. Alas, like I’ve been ranting since the earliest days of this page (Jesus, what this nine years ago?)

Also, I am the worst editor ever. Not to digress, but one of my academic mentors once said, “Gretchen, editing and writing use completely opposite sides of your brain.”

I’m sticking with his advice for now.