So I’m fairly certain this is the part when I get nervous… remaining quietly confident, of course. Today I booked my sublet in Manhattan and my airfare to the states. As can be imagined, the hit on my pocket has already resulted in a few double shots of bourbon resulting in a string of “I can do this… Of course I can do this-es” warbled to the puppies who aren’t entirely impressed about me going to begin with.

However! I shall not be stirred! New York or bust! I’m on my way! Hooray!!!!

Ps. Let me tell you how red it is outside from the dust storm in Sydney!! Considering Sydney is roughly 950 kilometers (about 600 miles) south of where I’m at in Brisbane, I’m amazed by how hazy it is outside. I took some photos… The first shot is Henry looking outside this morning, the second shot was taken about three hours after when I realized the sky was turning an interesting shade of milky rose…



I’ve nearly hit 10 ooo words with my latest novel. I guess that doesn’t sound like very much, but writing full time will see that grow quickly! It’s gonna have to! Because in 38 days we’re hitting the streets of Manhattan with no other plan but PITCH!

… Sweet JESUS!!! 😀 !!!!

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