good morning iceland

While Facebook beat me and I lack in Twitter… I love the shit out of Instagram. I realize that Facebook owns Instagram and at the end of the day I’m simply supporting another stock price with no rights to any of the photos I post…

However this is a completely fair trade for being able to start my morning off like I did today  – admiring a snap from someone I love shooting up photos of freshly prepared delights to be greedily gobbled in far away lands.

IMG_4029Sigh. I need a holiday blog family.

I digress.

Anyways, while I was admiring #foodporn on Instagram, I actually hit my head on a low branch extending from one of the many trees that have electrified green in the recent spring showers to sprinkle across the city. Ouch.

When I shook it side to side, while Peanut apathetically looked up at me with the most sincere, “Really?” – I realized that I was in the center of Manhattan during the earliest (long overdue) shocks and kisses of spring.


The best words always come during times of warm, I’ve come to discover after living in the sub-tropics. It feels wonderful to continue to shed winter. I can deal with cold weather for two weeks, maybe three…seven months has been rough.

If I feel like Iceland today, I could just scroll my phone… I like belonging to a generation still able to say, “I remember when computers came out.” It somehow maintains a unique innocence.

Good morning Iceland, and all of our others. x


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