gretchen new york city

Namaste my global cult of goodness

Guess what? I recently had another pants wetting session over google.  So yo. Take a second and go google “gretchen new york city” … go on … I’ll wait here.


Yup. Gretchen Cello is page one in the “gretchen new york city” search. I see you New York City. Don’t sleep.

Today’s photos are a collection from the various “about” pages I’ve had over the past 22 months. When I was in town I spoke to a madly talented friend of mine about possibly pimping his skills to help me clean up the content on my page. As we approach the two year mark… I reckon a bit of organization around my insane amount of stories, poems, rants, and love spreading could be helpful.

Once again today I woke up moderately crank-ish about being back in Australia. Then it occurred to me: Come hell or high water, I will be permanently in New York City by September.

Typing that just made me smile.

Last night I was so depressed about being here I went to sleep at 7pm. Smiles are a bit critical at the moment.

That said, I shared some poetry a few minutes ago and received a bit of love back that warmed my wintery Melbourne morning.

I’m the closest to getting where I want to be that I’ve been since kicking off this craziness.

The countdown continues.

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