halloween… the remix

The fact that I’ve missed Halloween for the six years preceding 2009 was completely redeemed in a100_1285 fabulous back to back weekend of dope parties. The whole Friday night to Saturday night thing (30-31st) AND the fact that daylight savings got set back adding an EXTRA HOUR onto Halloween… who could ask for more? Seriously.

Last night was a Wild West themed pow wow at my sister’s… since myself and the one other indigenous American in residence claimed the party land as belonging to the Schaghticoke Tribe (sometimes Shoshone since I was Sacagawea); naming it a POW WOW seems most appropriate.

100_1295Considering that we completely outnumbered the heat, we weren’t stressin when the Sheriff rocked up. Instead we did anti-rain dances outside to keep the bonfire going.

I’ve thrown two Halloween parties in Australia and they’ve both been mad fun. Part of my Aussie family commented recently to a check out girl about how it was nice the shop he was at out in the Perth area had Halloween decorations (rare since Halloween is still catching on down under…)

Anyways the check out chick commented something like ‘Blah blah this sucks, Halloween is an American holiday blah, etc…’ Whatever Halloween started in Ireland. Anyways…

I’d like to point out that every single cool person I’ve met in Australia is down with Halloween… And with that said… Aussies throw fancy dress parties like it’100_1298s their job, which, (from what my sheltered Yank perspective can decipher) are like Halloween parties with the perspective of ‘We’re not bothered what day of the year it is, we’re dressin up mate!’ An outlook that deserves unique props in itself. Shout out to my Australian people…

100_1299Summary… I look forward to my next opportunity to dress up and party. How can this combination be disputed?

Oh and on a final note, living in Australia has turned me into somewhat of a jock since they do not fuck around when it comes to sport.


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