hello june

Six months later…

I’ve never gone so long in silence since I started this webpage in 2009.

Viva introspection.

Summertime in New York City if officially upon us. I’ve spent the past few months hitting keys; having my heart broken a couple times; and plotting and scheming on the reg.

The freedom that I have and life that I managed to build here baffles me, particularly when I click around this webpage. Certain periods that I revisit feel like a literally different life to me.

Recently I renewed my lease for another twelve months. That will put my gypsy feet in this apartment for three years – which is a record for me. Aside from the house I grew up in, I’ve never been anyplace that long since I left my folks crib in the middle of the night 17 years ago.

The purpose of that was to sleep on the floor of the apartment with some kids I met the night before while I figured out how to hustle my way into the city. To be sitting at my writing desk looking at the east river, as a fully established professional Writer in one of the toughest towns to crack it in never gets old to me.

I’m ready to get back to the blah-g. Since I split from my husband six years back, it’s been a wild readjustment to always being by myself. I’ve met so many people since returning to Manhattan, I’ve written a book about them. The more interesting ones anyways.

I’m looking forward to some warm weather and going easy on mySelf. And finishing this bloody novel of mine… so I can be onto the next one.

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