is it worth it lemmie work it

I remember growing up and always wondering what it would be like to be a Writer since I never had any100_1339 interest in doing anything else. Every time I sat down with some sort of writing implement (far before the years of the clackety clack of keyboards and laptops) I would tell myself ‘One day when I’m big, this is what I’ll be doing…’

Now here I am. Basically my day involves blogging, redbubbling, a major project (which is the script at the moment), and spending time doing whatever I can to promote other artists out there doing there thing… or anyone else that asks… tee hee…

DSCN1587Tomorrow is the one-month mark of this trip. When I decided to go, I had no idea what direction my work would take when I got here… but I knew it was time to come back. To my pleasant surprise, I’m going back to my roots with screenplays, one short horror flick completed in CJ’s capable hands and a full-length feature thriller movie rapidly approaching completion for the consideration of an Indy film maker interested in seeing what I got. Plus I’ve got a comedy script on simmer while I knock the thriller out.

* Shout out to my people comin to hang way out in the Seychelles islands! I see you!!! x o x

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