kelly rowland… no one down here cares…

Now and then I catch a glimpse of a news story regarding yet another Yank celebrity coming to Australia and making fools out of themselves. Today it was Kelly Rowland.

Apparently Kelly and her entourage were flying with Qantas trying to be larger than life and breaking airplane rules like using cell phones.

As a Yank I am always sensitive to the occasional Yank-bashing I hear down under which is often caused by┬ácelebrities making themselves look like fools in the Australian media…

I’ve said before, there are things I love about living in the States and there are things I love about living in Australia. One of the things that I love about living in Australia is that ‘celebrity culture’ (is that an oxymoron?) is not nearly as out of control as it is up in the northern hemisphere.

What this means, essentially, is that other than the occasional tweet shooting by with his name – I still have no idea who Justin Bieber is and wouldn’t recognize most ‘big name’ Yankee ‘stars’ if they plowed me down in their SUV.

So here is my plea, once again, to American ‘celebrities’… for the love of God… can you please stop acting like fucking idiots when you come to Australia? I understand that money has somehow constructed a pedestal of delusion that you perch yourselves on because E Television has earned enough advertising dollars off your ass to build this false perception…

But I have to live down here.

Every time any of you visit Australia and look like morons in the media, people like me are still copping it after you leave because the media tries to convince the general public that you are an accurate depiction of American culture.

I guess what I’m trying to say, Kelly Rowland, I like some of your songs. But please pull your head in. Riding on an airplane really isn’t that difficult.

8 thoughts on “kelly rowland… no one down here cares…

  1. hahahahaha poor Kelly!!! yeah she’s still a little pissed that Beyonke has the career and she doesn’t.

    1. apparently so! i don’t know why she reckons she’s gonna find one down here… her label must be making those empty promises again. nelly is that you?

  2. I just pretty much have no idea what’s going on anymore. I can’t say that the rest of CO is as oblivious as I am :-D.

    1. I spoke to one of my sisters that lives in the Boston area the other day & she confirmed that no one in the greater MA area knows who Kelly Rowland is either… aahahahahhaaa!!!

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