kitty puss & puppies

Now as we all know, my puppy departure was slightly traumatizing. I can’t wait to have my face licked in a window of only three days!!

Since October, Kitty Puss has been doing a wonderful job at providing soft, fuzzy love in the absence of the puppies. When I first got back to the states he gave me a dirty look in typical cat fashion and ignored me for the first few weeks. Once he decided I was acceptable company, he started doing all those special kitty things like curling up in my lap and trampling on my writing books while I worked. He has been an excellent companion and will be missed.

However… PUPPIES!!! The puppies are exactly what I need to inspire the pieces that will be completed when I return to AUS… Smiling faces and sloppy kisses… nothing beats it.

I spent a good portion of my morning staring blankly at my ‘suspended’ twitter account. Supposably the matter will be reviewed in ‘approximately 30 days’.

My initial reactions to having my account suspended involved cussing and fist shaking. However today I am a bit calmer about the whole thing. The way I see it, devoted cult members will learn of this atrocity via my blog and re-connect through my other account by clicking the happy blue bird on my page… I’m already starting to re-find my friends.

So I guess that officially means ‘this is it’… tomorrow afternoon I take off for OZ… only the hardcore cult members will be coming along for the ride… buckle up beautifuls…

4 thoughts on “kitty puss & puppies

  1. Best of luck Gretch, looking forward to hooking up with you again on the other side !
    I hope your proud of what you’ve achieved, what a trip!

  2. Enjoy the puppies! I’ll reconnect with you on the other twitter account.

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