let the beatings begin

Per the expert advice of CJ I put together a video blog today. If you like you can watch it here.

YouTube is another mysterious land in Internet world that I visit from time to time. I understand its value in making new friends and finding old cult members… it just seems too close to television to me a lot of the time.

But don’t get me wrong, I’ve encountered insane amounts of talent within YouTube world – I think most people have.

I personally do not belong to the ‘talented video maker group’ buy boy can I babble!

Maybe I’ll make another one at some stage…

today’s train poem:

dear …

Heart pops. Stomach drops.
Eyes that trace my body.
Downing up my
tangerine curves. Across
the way I swivel.
Coincide my and thighs
your tries fail to ask
why. Is it that you
beside me… Turns the world
invisible. Your shadow
of a step. I once wanted
badly. Revealing patterns of
absent run-throughs.
Get past.
Further seems
to build. Distance
brings me
to, you.

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