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April 13, 2020 Posted by the writer

Yesterday when I was reading the Australian Financial Review to look at companies to invest in (I chose to throw more cash at Cannatrek, because I support medicinal marijuana), I was surprised to see a financial paper mention a poet.

I emailed the poet, some cat named Luka, and asked if he wanted to collab. This clearly isn’t a clout chase, I’m independent, successful and presently enthralled with my artistic portfolio.

I’m 41 years old after all, a completely proud artist.

Anyways, I didn’t have anything in mind. I saw some of Luka’s work which, to be frank, didn’t really speak to me. He’s a spoken work poet with quite a political crunch.

I suppose because none of his work spoke to me or inspired me, it invoked an idea of… I wonder if we created something together. Considering how different our art is, I imagined something interesting out of an amalgamation.

And let’s face it, I’m a fairly reclusive writer (graciously so). However, when I’ve been called to collaborate in the past (a few rare times) something beautiful has always been born.

I asked Luka if he wanted to collaborate. He replied “Sorry Gretchen, I’m just too busy these days.”

Now don’t get me wrong, if you don’t want to make art together, all good. I just feel like replying, “I’m just too busy these days” in the middle of a global pandemic when no one can really do shit is kind of weak.

Like, considering he replied to my initial query within an hour — you aren’t really that busy. Furthermore, he was gracious enough to reply to me three times within a 12-hour period.

I’ve lived busy times. I guess Luka’s idea of busy is different from mine. At the end of the day, I was impulsive ready to get a new sort of project popping (because I’m always onto the next one); I learned a valuable lesson in the end.

It’s a lesson to myself on my usual stance. Writing is a unique, individual experience. I want to bring it to who finds me and work with people I love.

I guess Luka is too random. Dig his work if it’s your thing though. It’s not mine. I don’t feel bad for myself like that.

Furthermore, once I saw what he charges for his time, it all made sense. I was impulsive and am happy the universe blocked it.

$330 for a 60 minute poetry workshop?

I would rather gauge my eyes out than charge that. People who have attended my free classes would attest to this.

Luka, thank you for pulling me into my place brother. You and I could never collaborate. And it’s not because you’re “just too busy”; it’s because I was silly to google you after seeing your name in the AFR and because we clearly have utterly opposite ideas of art and how to spread it.

I was feeling a bit loose yesterday afternoon, what more can I say?

Good luck kid. Get that cheddah. I respect the players, I just hate the game.

If my work ever makes more noise than I’d like, I just hope this dude isn’t like “she wanted to collaborate wth me once”. That will be my luck. I’ll laugh it off like I always do.

Namaste mother universe for the spank. Now is not a time for me to be working with anyone else. I need to just keep doing what I do.

… I’m doing it really well.

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