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Today I discovered the magic known as acupuncture. Some may recall me complaining about my right trigger finger over the past few weeks. Years of pen gripping seem to be catching up. On top of having some type of writing implement in my hand at nearly all times, I hold my instrument with a deadly clutch.

I’ve been trying to overlook this issue by writing left handed. Unfortunately there are silly things my right pointer is needed for, like scratching the puppies’ ears. You never really notice how much you use things for until they start to hurt all the time.

Enter acupuncturist.

I am not a needle fan. I do not have any tattoos. I cringe during blood tests. I generally try to avoid anything remotely pointy.

Surprising to me, I didn’t even feel the four needles poked along my seemed-to-be busted finger and into my thumb. The moderate shock that jolted me after the acupuncturist wired me to an electrical hot box was an interesting touch. Once the right amount of voltage started to juice me up, I watched my fingers wiggle for twenty minutes while chatting with a cattle farmer come acupuncturist.

And right now as I’m clicking keys the way I do every day during our chats, my finger doesn’t hurt at all! It doesn’t feel cramped and tight like it has for months. I don’t imagine it’s going to last forever from one treatment, but it’s a bloody brilliant start!!

Viva acupuncture!


2 thoughts on “magic needle pokes…

  1. OH wow isn’t it wonderful to find relief!! Just blogged about same.. sending you love and appreciation Gretchen!

    1. I’m off for my second visit this weekend sister, veeeeery excited. Three days later my finger is still feeling normal for the first time in ages. Off to read about your experience! Love, violet & gold back three fold. x x x

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