managing unclaimed manacles

I thought I could
Say your eyes lit me up.
I thought
You could see.
Sway to my cautious cadence.
Visit a place
Hidden below dusty wings.
When you started
Hiding where I looked
I started too.
Replace mistreat with impairment.
Hating me.
In a strong way.
I still tell people. I’m ok…
My neck will snap
Before I contort
To gain; your looking
Crawls turn to tumbles
Rolling along
Crooked ways.
And I had
To explain.
To someone.
You walked away
From the green of my eyes.
A previous bloom
Of a lifetime of forests.
Lost in your labyrinth.
Shattered way
Abandoned by lack
Like, I could have been
Erased in a faster more clever way.
Released of restriction.
Restrictive release.