mangy fronkles

Fronkles has mange, I believe it’s sarcoptic mange, and it’s the worst thing ever!IMG_6390

When I first rescued Frankie Boggles aka Fronkles aka Bubbles, he was not in good shape. Over the past few months, Fronkles has put on some pounds and truly found his place with Peanut and I.

Fronkles has had on and off itchies since the day I brought him home. I brought him to the vet, who said, “Keep washing him, $85, thanks.”

Washing him has somewhat kept the itchies under control. However, a recent few nights of un-relentless itching led to me re-opening the investigation. I had never seen dry skin quite so itchy.

Turns out, bloody mange. I can’t really complain too much, considering that Fronkles was perfectly trained when I rescued him (house trained, leash trained. off-the-leash trained, etc) – the poor baby’s illness really can’t tarnish his place in gretchen land. But man, is it a pain in my ass.

I essentially need to dip my apartment in bleach today and scrub the puppies with icky bug shampoo every day. Gross.

In other puppy news, the one year anniversary of losing Henry came and went. I didn’t blog very much during the time because I was crying and throwing up. I’m still pretty upset by the whole thing. I don’t deal well with losing creatures I love.

The only comfort I have is seeing Fronkles thrive. Mange, I’m going to beat your ass.

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