maybe it’s psychological

My number of daily visitors is slowly climbing and starting to approach the 200 mark. In the scheme of the Internet traffic world I guess most people wouldn’t really give a toss about this. But to me, it totally matters.

It doesn’t matter because of my shonky google ads that have raked in a whopping $11.04 out of pity clicks from my closestOverlooking Byron bay friends (thanks guys!) … It matters because at 31 years old I belong to a pre-Internet generation. That means if someone approached me when I was thirteen and said one day I’d be able to connect with 200 people to get down with ALL OVER THE WORLD on a daily basis… I would’ve laughed in that person’s face. Then I probably would have hit them with my skateboard and ran off (angry teenager…)

I can’t help but be led to believe that the beautiful people checking in (yes I’m talking to you) actually relate with what I’m doing. As a Writer, there’s really nothing more to ask for than people being down for the cause and getting where you’re coming from… better yet, feeling like they’ve been there before… or simply support a good rant.

100_0817It’s difficult for me to express my compassion for people. I have a sincere love, appreciation, and empathy for humanity. This simply stems from my firm belief that we are all part of the same source. Different forms of life are just new reflections of what we are all part of.

So without sounding too much like a The Secret reading, acoustic guitar playing, Kuhm Ba Ya singing flake (none of which I’ve ever done FYI) … there’s something to me that is outstanding about having a few hundred people seemingly in tune with what I’m on about.

Although it could all just be completely psychological…

4 thoughts on “maybe it’s psychological

  1. Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun, and baby when it’s love if it’s not rough it isn’t fun.

    So I hear.

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