my babies

Yesterday I Skyped with the individual presently minding the puppies in my absence. It made me sad family. Peanut was so sad, she wasn’t even sleeping beside the person looking after her – she was down the hallway by herself. Henry is usually in decent spirits if someone is petting him.

When the three of us are together, we never separate. They both sleep on my lap when I write. They curl up at the foot of my bed at night.

Certain things motivate and inspire me, to the point of a breakthrough moment.

After I spent twenty minutes blinking back tears looking at my two babies who turn five in March, something not quite familiar overcame me. So unfamiliar, I’m not sure if I can even identify it. Whatever it was resulted in a quick head shake, a final hard squint to slow Niagara Falls, and a forced “Yeah thanks for watching them, speak in a few weeks.”

Then I started writing. And writing.

I am happy with now the novel is turning out. I spent 23 months trying to get to this town to do this book, because I know it’s what I’m supposed to┬ádo – and now I am literally what is to me, one of the most ideal place to make this happen.

I have tens of thousands of words. I have the babies waiting for me to sort out a yard for them.

I’m working like a crazy person blog family. Can’t stop now.

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