my first proposal

I’ve been married twice, but no one has ever actually proposed to me. Right now, I’m working on my first proposal ever.IMG_0349 I’ve learned not to rely on other parties to be involved in such an intimate process. So I’m doing the proposal all by myself.


An author representative asked for a proposal or manuscript to bat up to the Editorial group.


For the past week I have been book proposal-ing. You see, I’ve got about five manuscripts floating around in the world of 40/50k words. However, as most of us are aware, I don’t have a shiny finished one.

And I’ve certainly never been asked to propose one… EEK!

Once I wrote a letter to Penguin Books Australia about my children’s book that said something like, “Hi, please?” To which they offered a prompt, “Mmm… yeee… not so much.”

I hung the rejection letter on my refridgerator.

That’s the only experience I really ┬áhave with submiting anything. I may have shot a poem or short story to a few e-mags I read here and there. That’s about all.


Even if the lovely author rep says, “We’re all set…” after I submit the proposal. Writing it has forced me to jerk my brain in directions that are creating a pretty dope proposal. So even if these cats say “Nay, ” I’ll still have something to shoot somewhere else which is pretty exciting.

Book! Book! Boooook!!

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