my very first tree

Dear Blog Family

My very first Christmas tree is up!

The apartment I am in is quite lovely and cozy like – it’s been serving as a brilliant cradle while I’m writing.

I’m writing like you wouldn’t believe… I’m writing so much, I couldn’t even begin to categorize the ways. Technical, creative, poetic, privately…

Mostly private.

Since I’ve stepped back from daily posts – my love affair with ink has returned. I realize more and more the previous purpose of this page, the way that it’s changed… the zillion ways I adore our cult, many of you have been here for some time now.

I’ve learned more in the past six months than I might ever wish to know. However, the plethora of ways to express myself that accompanied this mysterious time have ink oozing from my pores.

Returning to my native country after nearly ten years away, I can’t help but think of how it changes a person. Truly, unless one has experienced the walk of another – there’s no real way to grip it. And when that walk involves abandoning your born life to hide on an island of strangers for a decade – it’s adds unique complexity.

My mother and one of my sisters are coming to visit this weekend. My apartment smells like pine. Keys are rapidly clicking.

Besides the puppies (who will be here in a few months), what more could a girl ask for?

PS. Anyone else notice that I’ve topped half a million reads? Not bad for a fairy princess.

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