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Sometimes, after my super, sad cranky bits – I feel disgruntle. Go figure.IMG_0550

In 2014, particularly residing in a westernized land such as the U.S of A… and sitting at an invite/afford-only table for how the country’s run… it’s disturbing.

It’s the reason I escaped in 2002, and the reason I try to educate anyone who feels like listening since I’ve been back some 34 months. I would never be foolish to blame anything on a cause outside of humandhood. I.E., excuses like “wah, republicans…” don’t work with me.

If everyone accepted a sliver of responsiblity, Earth would be entirely different. No one will do this though. And so…

I rest my case.

The United States of America constantly screams in my ear. It’s one of the predominant reasons I have an Australian passport.

Fortunately, on the occasional Wednesday, at 4am, I find myself in literal, perfect company,  with even BETTER songs shaking my bare hips. Like this:

Don’t wanna see the numbers… I wanna see heaven…

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