new year. overjoyed.

For the first time in this life, I rung in the new year from Times Square. The most IMG_0448surreal aspect of the fact was being able to hang out in my apartment until 11:45PM when we finally decided to meander downstairs.

At that point, we dove into an international smile cloud of amazingness from around the planet, all huddling in an iconic hot-spot waiting to scream “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

In my humble opinion, New York City is clearly one of the global stomping grounds when it comes to ringing in a new year. For the past 48-hours the words off of everyone’s lips I am IMG_0453fortunate to encounter have been “Happy New Year!”

Again and again.

So… yes. I had an incredible welcoming ceremony to greet 2014. I spent the night with one of my best friends. I got all nostalgic because, at 35, let’s face it – I’m getting old. I pay closer attention to what/who bothers to show up when things matter.

And realistically, things don’t tend to matter that much.

Anyway, after sorting and lights and resolutions and dancing… I grounded myself in a brilliant golden/indigo way and era; I realized that I am completely prepared for another calendar year.

I got home around 1am and blasted the shit out of Bastille, a unique shade of my current obsessions



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