New Year’s!

Being in my presently small pocket of Earth, we celebrate New Year’s third… after Samoa and New Zealand.

Following a completely relaxed build up to the fireworks that I watched off the mansion deck last night… I just gobbled twelve grapes as a tradition while my Spanish husband and I rang in Spain’s new year. I currently await the Times Square ball to drop before we toast once more.

My final day of 2018 was lush. The puppies and I went to the ocean, frolicked in the park and basked in the Australian summer sun. I prepared a five star hotel breakfast that was gobbled with mimosa compliments on my waterfront terrace… before spending the afternoon buried in a book of short stories; part of which was read in a coconut bath bomb spa bath next to an open window overlooking the lake.

I scribbled down my 2019 promises and mantras in a red leather bound book that has nearly run out of pages. I’ll require a new journal over the coming weeks.

Last year was a bit of a shit show… it’s not easy transporting two babies from Manhattan to Australia all on your own. $12,000 later, we made it. Then it was onto job, house, resettlement, etc…

This year, 2019 (my year), I’m remixing everything. When I came back to Australia, it wasn’t to continue my stint as a super fancy executive writer, I already lived that bit.

My perception is that life is short. I’d like to live as many lives as I possibly can in this round of years I’m walking. I have been reborn and remixed consistently my entire life every 5 to 7 years.

And I adore that…

In 2018 I turned 40 (hollah at your girl…); so I’m officially walking into my second half of existence. And the only thing I could possibly wish for, is for everything to be different. Not because I haven’t indulged in every day leading to now… I just don’t want to be ordinary or predictable.

I never want anyone to say, “Oh, Gretchen Cello… the poet… the New Yorker… the executive… the blah blah…”

I want to live new each breath. So much newness has my fingertips tingling at the moment. 2019 seems like the perfect ballroom to dance the next routine.

Happy New Year’s blog family. One love. 3 x 3 x 3

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