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August 10, 2012 Posted by the writer

So I’ve been peeping popular blogs presently coming out of my blissful land of Manhattan. The results are, well, unfortunate.

I’ve been considering mentioning the crackhead blogger I’m ranting about by name, as well as the “indy” magazine profiting off of her drug addiction. However, something I’ve learned in my approaching 36 months of cyber whoring is that speaking about topics gets them klout. So, for example, if I were to mention Princess Crack Pipe or the magazine shamelessly seeking to benefit from traffic attracted by horrified onlookers watching a junky die… well… that might just get them the coveted number one search engine spot.

I feel good tonight. I feel good knowing how functional I am. I might have nervous breakdowns every day, blog about them fort-nightly, and dramatically heave to anyone willing to endure the drama… but I can also hold my own. That means I can participate (how I must) in the bizarre roles defined by Earth.

What are you on about? is what I imagine most of our blog family is questioning.

Through my own research that I spin out once or twice a month, I came across someone who is meant to be a “taboo blogger” who essentially pens off-your-face nonsense divulged by enough idiots to accumulate at least 120 comments a hit…

I was annoyed at first. Then I smiled. I may not “blog” for a mainstream zine desperately trying to ride the “indy” drift for as long as they can before anyone wises up… and I may not be a 110 pound meth head living on E5th Street…


I am a completely “ordinary” earth dwelling creature who has been recording my experiences in an online forum for nearly three years, practically daily.

I don’t know. I guess this post has somewhat gone astray… long story short: I’m glad I’m not a rich-girl crackhead posting once a week about how “This all needs to stop. My psychiatrist parents did this to me,’ boo hoo.'”

Things could always be worse…

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