now that’s official

My New York driver’s license arrived in the mail today. Because I lived overseas for a decade, my US license has always been updated by mail with the Connecticut address I grew up at. And the picture hasn’t been updated for over ten years.

True story.

I clicked my heels together this afternoon at the sight of my fresh ID. It adds unique permanence to what I managed to swing galavanting from Australia back to Manhattan. My friend David and I danced in the mailroom to a smiling building dweller who wasn’t sure exactly why we were so overjoyed but still took time to share smiles.

I’ve been back nearly a year now. The puppies are coming in September, hell or high water. Being away from them for the past 12 months has truly been my most challenging feat to conquer.

It’s crazy to flashback to this time last year, one of the most terrible times of this particular visit to Earth. Sometimes my friends say I’m a strong person. I just reckon I’m persistent.

On that note, I’m going to go persist on a book or five. And goggle at my new cardboard picture driving badge.

I guess after being here for a year, and seeing all I’ve seen – surviving most of it…

Perhaps life settles? For a minute… two, perhaps?

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