novel. new people.

The past few days have been fuzzy madness. My mind is switching into novel mode. I ran around so much last week promoting the Writers’ Night that I inadvertently ran myself down to a shadowy zombie of exhaustion buried in words of all sorts.

I’ve been in and out of interviews. Jobs keep blowing me off. I’m broke, but I’ve been broke for a long time… so I think that might be the one thing I’m getting used to.

Truth be told, I don’t really have any interest in anything at the moment other than my long overdue novel. That said, I’m going to keep my head focussed that way. The tricky factor is turning off all of life’s little ‘pssst… over heres…’ to fill pages with story.

But you know me… I’ll die trying…

Thursday evening around midnight wandering around Astoria as I tend to do, I made a new friend. This particular person is the most interesting person I’ve met in years. We caught up for 48 hours the way you do with the people you find that you know you’re meant to know… and then my new friend left to spend a month out of the city. Something I relate to… I was away for nearly seven years.

So much is occurring lately, the blog can’t contain it.

… I reckon a book might, however.

On that note, I’m getting back to it…

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    1. thank you my wonderful friend! my ten year old nephew snapped that yesterday… like i’ve said in the past, family tends to fix me in such rapid, unique ways 🙂

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